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What people are saying...

  • "Brain Health is a critical part of optimal living.  We believe everyone should have the chance to boost their brain power and achieve their best each day and every year."  -Dr. Cynthia Green

  1. "Many parallels exist in the experience of older people in our society.  When elders are not marooned but instead have a place at the core of a community the ripple effect of their contribution is immeasurable."  - From the book, "In the Arms of Elders, a Parable of Wise Leadership and Community Building" by William Thomas, MD
  • “The Alzheimer’s Association believes there is sufficiently strong evidence… to conclude that regular physical activity and management of cardiovascular risk factors reduce the risk of cognitive decline and may reduce the risk of dementia. The Association also believes there is sufficiently strong evidence to conclude that a healthy diet and lifelong learning/cognitive training may also reduce the risk of cognitive decline.”

    Alzheimer’s Dementia | June 2015