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We teach evidence-based cognitive programs powered  by Dr. Cynthia Green's, Total Brain Health, and are licensed to teach at up to four locations per year.

We can custom build complete programs using these cognitive classes as well as offering any of our supplemental services listed on the bottom row, below.  Please contact us for prices.

  • We are a partnership of two sisters in the Roaring Fork Valley of Western Colorado. We are teaming up to combine our personal, professional and educational experience to serve the senior population in preventing age-related cognitive decline
  • We establish programs with prescribed courses of instruction, group participation and experiential home-based exercises that are expertly designed to stimulate neural functioning.
  •  We take turns teaching subjects in our areas of expertise for up to a year at a time. 
  •  Then we train participants to learn to teach aspects of the program so there is incentive to learn new tasks and participate more fully in a like-minded, ongoing support group.

TBH Memory 

A series of eight scripted classes so you can teach memory skills to groups. Includes activities that drive home the learning and encourage peer support.

TBH Flex

TBH Flex Program is newly released and is designed for those with cognitive impairment.

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TBH Fair

Showcase your brain health strategy with this cognitive wellness community outreach event. Includes extensive resources for each TBH signature fair station.  Expand your reach to new audiences with engaging cognitive fitness materials that activate users in stimulating and targeted ways.

TBH Brain Workout

Teach brain healthy lifestyles with this 20 class series. Includes evidence-based interactive group activities.

Light Therapy

Polychromatic Light Therapy is a safe, non-invasive technology that is FDA cleared to increase circulation and reduce pain.

Working with brain health we apply pads with red, blue and near-infrared LED light to the head for 20 minutes to stimulate cerebral circulation so the brain in energized. Scientific research shows

improved memory, clarity and focus. Depression is lightened as damaged nerve cells are repaired and the body/mind remembers the light within our cells. Dia Lynn is a Certified Light Therapist.

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Science of Mind practitioners apply Spiritual Mind Treatments (Affirmative Prayer) to your areas of concern returning you to peace, feeling unified with your Source. We affirm that all minds are part of One Mind, assuring you that you are never alone. Our prayer requests are answered by Divine Mind according to your ability to receive. We assist minds to heal from the illusion of separation and a world of problems. Often, seemingly miraculous results are reported. Rev. Dia Lynn is a non-denominational minister with Hospice Chaplain training. She responds to all appeals for help regardless of race, creed or perceived difficulty of the condition. Service on a donation basis. 


Companion Care

Marti Barbour and Dia Lynn work with private clients with moderate dementia.  We are passionate about preserving quality of life and both have extensive backgrounds in working with people in both counseling and hands-on care (CNA).  We are motivated by our call to Service.  We treat each individual with dignity and love, as if he or she were our own family. We can provide meal preparation services, transportation to appointments and coordination with other service providers if needed. We love to provide stimulating outings and activities of interest.  If you have a caregiving need, please contact us for more information.  Licensed & insured.